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Astrospheric Professional for Star Parties and Events

Astronomy events like star parties play a crucial role in public outreach, education, and community building.  To better support these wonderful organizations and events, Astrospheric is offering tools and professional data sets to organizers and participants.

Given that so many star parties and events have been cancelled over the past few years, we are hoping this offer can help sweeten the pot for getting folks registered and out to your event in the future.

Organizers and participants will gain access to the following features up to and through the time of the event.

Astrospheric Professional datasets, including
  • Ensemble Cloud Forecast specifically tuned for astronomers.  Check multiple cloud models in one easy view.
  • Weather alerts with custom trigger events for any location, including the location of the star party or event.
  • Smoke forecast to track wildfire smoke and its impact on sky transparency.
  • Access to extended cloud forecasts and advanced map layers.
Custom Astrospheric Subspace Social Channel
  • Communicate with participants directly in the Astrospheric app in a privacy focused environment
  • Manage the attendee list
  • Quickly get updates out to participants so everyone is in the loop
  • Participants can communicate and share images and stories


Here are the requirements

If you're not familiar with Astrospheric, check out the webpage and apps as well as the help documentation.

To get started, a coordinating member of the event should complete the following sign up form.  For more details please email

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