Astrospheric privacy policy & terms of use

I take privacy seriously and make a best effort to only collect information necessary for a particular feature and to aid in service telemetry. Any private information collected by Astrospheric will never be shared or sold to a third party. Third party service usage is used to improve features on the site and help me (the sole developer) work faster. Hopefully this privacy policy doesn’t change, but check back because it might.

Note that while browsers have the ability to block cookies and opt out of services Astrospheric uses, mobile devices generally can not and therefore you agree to the privacy policy by usage on a mobile device.

Cookies & Local Storage

By default, Astrospheric uses cookies and local storage to hold session information necessary for the user interface. If you choose to use Favorites, then you’ll also be sharing your email address with Astrospheric, this is considered private information. I’ve made it possible to use the site even with cookies and local storage turned off (Favorites feature will not work however).

External Services

Astrospheric uses a set of external services for geolocation, telemetry, and social networks. The basic gist though - any private information Astrospheric collects (location and email address) are never shared with these services. Here is what (and why) each service is used. By using the service, you agree to allow the following services to leave cookies on your device.


Astrospheric uses Free GeoIP ( to perform IP based geolocation lookups. Users public IP address will be sent to the service for location data. Location data returned is considered private information and will never be shared or sold. It is possible for browsers to opt-out of this service by providing a latitude and longitude directly to Astrospheric. (Example:

Google Analytics

By default, Astrospheric uses Google Analytics to track site telemetry (user counts, feature usage, and advertising campaigns) and will store cookies on your device. Private information collected on Astrospheric (location and email information) is never shared with Google Analytics. If you’d like to opt out of this telemetry, please use Google’s tools to do so ( You may also block 3rd party cookies. Mobile users and app users cannot opt out and therefore agree to allow Google Analytics to collect data.


Astrospheric uses a Facebook share icon for simple sharing in the browser (not in mobile apps though). This annoyingly means Facebook will leave a cookie on your machine for tracking purposes. Like the other services used, any private information collected by Astrospheric is never shared with Facebook. Blocking third party cookies stop this.

If you do not agree to this policy, please discontinue use of the service. If you’ve used the Favorites features and would like the cookie removed, please create a new Favorite named “deleteme” (don’t include the quotes though). You can also just clear your cookies (or delete the mobile app) to remove this information.

Terms of Use

  1. I’m not responsible or accountable for any decision made off of the data presented on Astrospheric.
  2. This is a shared service and server resources are limited, so please be considerate when making many forecast requests.

Clear Skies,