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Hello fellow astronomers and astrophotographers,

I'm happy to announce new features (and bug fixes) for Astrospheric. Documentation has also been improved in this update.

Note: Some of these new features require an Astrospheric subscription. You can learn more about Astrospheric Subscriptions here.

Cloud Ensemble (experimental, subscription required)

I'm excited to release the new Cloud Ensemble map layer! This is the beginning of a larger project at Astrospheric to skillfully combine multiple forecast models to generate a state-of-the-art ensemble just for astronomers and astrophotographers.

The new cloud ensemble map layer is available to view on the mini-map and full screen map. It is currently combining the CMCs RDPS and the experimental NOAA RAP model (more of a duo at this point). More models will be added in the future.

Identifying geographic areas where the models agree on clear skies can give added weight to the likelihood that there will actually be clear skies.

Toggle on the cloud ensemble layer by tapping this button.

Once the layer is enabled on the mini-map, tapping Play or tapping on any of the forecast hours will update the data layer.

The ensemble layer can also be enabled on Astrospheric's full map.

Switch the layer filter to Ensemble Cloud after selecting the Cloud overlay.

Ensemble Documentation

Extended Cloud Layer (subscription required)

The data that powers Astrospheric's extended cloud forecast is now available on the fullscreen map. To access, turn on the Cloud layer and change the filter to "Long Range Clouds".

The extended cloud data comes from NCEP's GFS model and is updated twice a day.

Notice: 10 days of cloud data will use a lot of bandwidth. Please double check the network you're on isn't charging for bandwidth before tapping Play on the map.


The Subspace feature provides communication, planning tools, and even free Astrospheric Subscriptions for astronomical societies and clubs.

Any club or society is welcome to join and use the feature for free. New beta documentation has been completed describing how to create a Subspace group and get it off the ground. Please note that Subspace is still in beta and is expected to be complete at the end of September.

Subspace Documentation

Thanks for reading and clear skies!

(moab360 on Cloudy Nights :)