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Astrospheric for star parties and other large astronomy events

Hello fellow astronomers and astrophotographers,

I want to offer a new opportunity for those holding large astronomy events in the future - Free Astrospheric Subscriptions for all event participants. This will give participants and event coordinators the most advanced weather tools as well as direct communication directly in the Astrospheric app for discussion and announcements.

Given that so many star parties and events have been cancelled over the past yet, hopefully this offer can help sweeten the pot for getting folks registered and out to your event in the future.

Here are the requirements

The free Subscriptions will expire shortly after the event has taken place. If your event is run by an official Astronomical Society or Club, we can work to get all of your members persistant free subscriptions.

To get started, a coordinating member of the event should reach out to If you are participating in an upcoming event but not on its board, feel free to let them know.

Clear Skies