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Astrospheric Professional

Astrospheric Professional enables access to more features and tools for advanced observers and astrophotographers.

Astrospheric Professional is $2.99 per month (USD) + tax.

A subset of Astrospheric Professional is free for eligible astronomical clubs and societies. Learn more here.

Subscriptions for Astrospheric Professional can be purchased from an Android or iOS device with the latest version of Astrospheric installed.
Feature Table
Basic Astro Society Edition Professional
Price Free Free $2.99 USD/Month
Forecast Data
CMC model updates every 6 hours
Ensemble Cloud Forecast
AnyPoint Dynamic Forecast Generation
Cloud Sense
Enhanced Transparency
KP Index, Sun/Moon, ISS data
CMC Map overlays
Jetstream, Aerosol Optical Depth, Light pollution
Smoke Data
Live Satellite View
Extended Cloud Map
Ensemble Cloud View
Favorite Locations
Community location sharing
Favorites 5 Unlimited Unlimited
Weather Alerts
Ad/Sponsor Free Experience
Astrospheric API
API Access
Tap the Astrospheric Settings icon
Tap on the Purchase Subscription button
Refresh a subscription

If you switch to a new device and it doesn't automatically pick up your subscription entitelment, tap the "Refresh Subscription Information".

For Astrospheric Professional to transfer to your mobile device or your desktop, you need to be logged in to Astrospheric using the same Astrospheric Member account you originally purchased the subscription under.
Canceling a subscription

Canceling a subscription to Astrospheric Professional can be done at any time from the device it was purchased on. You may cancel in the App Store on your device, or by using the "View Subscription Details" on the My Profile page in Astrospheric. Remember, subscriptions will auto-renew each month until you decide to cancel.

Please note that there are no refunds for canceled subscriptions. You will continue to have access to subscription features during the remainder of time allowed for the original subscription period after canceling. It is advisable to use Astrospheric for some time to ensure the weather model works well for your locations before purchasing a subscription.

If your subscription lapses due to a payment or other issue, don’t worry. All of your notification settings will be saved and available if you choose to sign up again.