Join a Subspace Group

Joining a private or public Subspace group is quick and easy.  Following these steps requires that you've already become a free Astrospheric member.

Joining a Subspace group with a Code

If you've received a Subspace code, it can be used to quickly join a group. Subspace codes look like the following :  "AsV1C_YmxhbmsgOZjQ5Zjg="

Note that Subspace codes should be kept private.  Anyone with a Subspace code can use it to join a group.  Group administrators can refresh a groups code at any point without impacting anyone already joined to the group.

Fig 1 : Open the Subspace tab and choose "Join Group"

Fig 2 : Enter your subspace code in the text box and choose "Transmit Code"

If you're code is correct you will immediately be joined to the group.

Joining an Astronomical Society or Club

Astronomical societies and clubs are visible on Astrospheric's map and listed on the join group screen.  These groups can also be joined with a Subspace code (see instructions above if you've been given a code)

Fig 3:  From the Join Group screen, select the Private Subspace channel to join

Fig 4 : Private groups can also be selected from the map.  Look for the stars.

Fig 5: Select "Send a request to join this group"

After the request has been sent, the groups administrator will be notified and can then review your request.