Open Beta

Astronomy societies play a crucial role in public outreach, education, and community building. To better support these wonderful organizations, Astrospheric is releasing a new feature called Subspace.

Subspace gives astronomy societies the ability to communicate, share, and plan amazing events beneath the stars.
Best of all, it's completely free.

Get on the Map
Societies have the option to show up on Astrospheric's map for all users to see. Spread the word about your club and its upcoming events!
Stay in touch with your friends and fellow society members with chat and image sharing, all using the Astrospheric app or website.
Event planning
Heading out for a night under the stars? Let your society know with an event capturing all of the details. Astronomy societies can even create public events visible to all Astrospheric users!
Free Subscriptions for your members
Astronomy societies may be eligible for free Astrospheric weather alerts for all of their member. That way the entire club will know about upcoming good weather!
Get started!
Getting started is easy. Log in to Astrospheric and select the SUBSPACE tab to create or join a group.

Mobile users tap the "S" to open Subspace

Subspace Tab

Now you can easily create or join a Subspace group!

During the open beta you may encounter some issues with Subspace, or you may have ideas on how to make it better. Please join the "Subspace Open Beta Feedback" group to provide feedback.