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Spring Updates

Hello fellow astronomers,

I’ve completed a set of updates to Astrospheric and it’s worth calling a few of them out.

Cloud Sense
I’m happy to announce that the cloud forecast has been upgraded with a new system called “Cloud Sense”. Now when you get a forecast from Astrospheric, the server will look at the local cloud variability nearby and how it changes over time to create more holistic 48 hour cloud forecast. The system is built to mimic what pros look for when they are looking at clouds on the map, with the ultimate goal being an improved forecast. For more information, check out my post on Cloudy Nights.
App Settings
App settings have moved! You’ll find app settings located under the Astrospheric logo in the top left of the app (or website). This will keep the UI clean as I add more settings over time. I’ve also moved the help link and contact form to this new menu as well.
12 hour clock
12 hour clock now available. Speaking of new settings, you can now switch Astrospheric to display times based on a 12 hour clock. Wherever possible I’ve tried to include “am” and “pm” with the time, but in tight spots like the forecast hours, I’ve denoted PM with bold numbers.
Monthly Moon Age
The moon details now contains a line item for Moon age. This shows the amount of days since the last new moon and is helpful for those who plan observations around this number.
Bug fixes
Too many bug fixes to list here. If you spot a new one, or have some other change you’d like to see in the app, please use the feedback form (located in the settings menu) to get in touch with me. I don’t always respond to each question/comment, but I do read through each and track the issue or request.

That's it for now, thanks for reading!

Clear skies,