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Upcoming Changes to Favorites

Near August 1st there will be changes made to Favorites that may impact how you use Astrospheric. These changes will help prioritize features and performance for subscribers while also ensuring all members can continue to get the benefits offered by Astrospheric. For the vast majority of members (>95%), there will be no perceived change.

Sortable List
Your favorites locations will be easily sortable! Just click or touch the gripper and drag the favorite to re-order the list.
Default Location option will be removed
The default location option is seldom used and is a big source of confusion. After removal, Astrospheric will load in one of two ways
  • If you open Astrospheric from a link with a predefined latitude and longitude (eg: then Astrospheric will load the predefined location.
  • For all other cases, Astrospheric will load the previous latitude and longitude that was being viewed.
Mini-cloud forecasts will be disabled if you don't visit Astrospheric for more than 30 days.
  • This behavior will prioritize mini-cloud forecasts for active users.
  • If you have an Astrospheric subscription then this rule will not be applied. Mini-clouds will always be created.
Members without an Astrospheric Subscription will be capped at 5 favorite locations.
  • This behavior will prioritize mini-cloud forecast and other performance optimizations for subscribers while still delivering favorites to all members.
  • NOTICE : On September 1st, members without subscriptions will see their favorites list shrink to their top 5 favorites.
Signatures will be available only to Astrospheric Subscribers
  • Signature weather animations will move to a subscription feature to help cover their cost.
  • Members without subscriptions that are currently using Signatures will have a 1px by 1px transparent image returned so that no errors will be shown.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.

Clear Skies and thanks for using Astrospheric!