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Log in to Astrospheric

Logging in to Astrospheric will allow you to use Favorites, Subspace, Community Favorites, and other great features. You'll be able to access these features from any device you visit Astrospheric on.

  1. Tap the star icon in Astrospheric to open the login flow on your mobile device. If you're using your PC's browser, you'll find login located to the right of the forecast.
  2. Enter your email address. You can also enter a Subspace code if one has been shared with you.
  3. A code will be emailed to you. Copy that code back to Astrospheric to complete the login.
All done! You can now start using all of the features available in Astrospheric. Your email will never be shared or sold with a 3rd party without your permission. Please note that if you join a Subspace group, the Admins will have access to your email address.