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Using Favorites

The Favorites features gives you a quick, free way to curate a list of your most visited locations. Using the Favorites features also offers a set of other benefits, even if you only have one viewing site.

  1. Tap the star icon in Astrospheric to open Favorites on your mobile device. If you're using your PC's browser, you'll find your favorites located to the right of the forecast.
  2. Submit your email address.
  3. Once the email arrives, tap the log in link on the same device you're trying to log in from.

Adding a new favorite location

  1. Get a new forecast for your favorite location (see changing your forecast location for more info)
  2. Open Favorites and tap "Add current location"
  3. Give your location a name and tap "Save"
  4. Tapping on the favorite will now quickly switch to that locations forecast
  5. All users can have up to 5 favorites. Astrospheric Professional users can have as many as they'd like.

Managing your Favorite locations

Click the setting gear next to a favorite to manage

Now that you have a personal favorite, you can turn it into a community favorite and share your knowledge with other astronomers