Use Subspace for your Astronomical Society or Club

Creating a Subspace group can be done in a few quick steps. The instructions below will walk you through basic setup; getting your group on the map, inviting members to your group, and obtaining free subscriptions for your members. These instructions apply to both Astrospheric's Apps and Website.

Before begining, you must be an Astrospheric member. Learn how to sign in here.

Create Your Group

Start by opening Subspace. Select the SUBSPACE tab. On the website, the tab can be found to the right of the forecast.

Mobile users tap the "S" to open Subspace

Tap on "Create a Group"

If you are creating a group to represent your astronomical society or club please:

Fill out your group details

Your group is now created! At this point, the group is private and requires a special join code in order to become a member. Once you've completed filling out your groups details and saving, tap on "Go Back" at the bottom of the window.

Manage your group

Your subspace tab is ready for posts and further management

Tapping on the gear icon will allow you to manage any Subspace group you are an Admin of as well as Join or Create another group.

From the manage screen you can perform the following tasks

Manage Members

From the manage members area you can invite new members, control permission for existing members, and grant new members access to your Subspace.

For Subspaces groups representing an astronomical society or club, it is a good idea to have several group administrators.

Show Your Group on the Map

By gaining the entitlement to show your Subspace group on Astrospheric's map, several new features become available.

Please note that your group's conversations and private events remain private to members only. User that have requested to join your group must wait until an admin approves the request.

At this time, only official astronomical societies or clubs will be approved to show on the map. Approval will take a few days. The more details there are in the Groups descriptions the faster this approval process will go.

Astrospheric Professional for Members

Some groups may be eligible to receive Astrospheric Professional for free. This allows all of the group members to receive free weather notifications and additional forecast data so that nobody misses a night of good weather!

If your group meets the requirements below, then you may submit for review.

Society or Club
The group must represent an official society or club.
Member count
The Subspace group must have at least 20 active members.
Public Group
The Subspace group must visible on Astrospheric's map.
Astrospheric embed
The Astrospheric embed control must be displayed on your public facing society/club website in a prominent position and wherever weather is shown. Learn how to set it up.