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Weather Alerts

Weather Alerts help you get the most out of Astrospheric by putting its powerful servers to work for you. When weather meeting your requirements is detected at your favorite locations, Astrospheric will send you an alert. This way you’ll never miss a night of observing or photography.

If you've not set up Favorites, you'll need to do that first.

Setting up Notifications is easy

  1. Use the drop down next to any of your favorite locations
  2. Select "Weather Alerts"
  3. If you haven't already, purchase an Astrospheric subscription.
  4. Enable Weather Alerts for your favorite and adjust the settings

A subscription allows Weather Alerts to be enabled for up to 10 of your favorite locations. A gold bell will appear on favorites which currently have weather alerts enabled.

Once you’ve enabled Weather Alerts for a favorite you’ll get notifications on any iOS or Android device that you’re currently logged into with the same email address.

Use one of the 3 observing presets to quickly get up and running, then fine tune the weather parameters to your exact needs.

Here are the parameters you’ll be able to define per location. Each one of your favorite locations can have different parameters set.

With the latest Kp Index update, you can also set a KP value and cloud cover value independant of your other settings.

If you find you’re getting too many alerts (or too few), simply open the Weather Alert settings for the favorite and make the appropriate modifications.

iOS Users: If you did not give Astrospheric permission to show push notifications, you'll need to open the iOS settings app and manually change the notification settings for Astrospheric.

Once the settings are saved it can take up to 15 minutes for the servers to recompute. Astrospheric will highlight the hours on your detailed forecast to help see what times are passing your requirements.

Weather Alerts are sent up to 4 times a day after a new weather model is processed, depending on the forecast. At least one of you locations needs to meet your requirements for a notification to be sent. Adjusting your device's notification quite hours can stop late night notifications from bothering you.

After you get a notification, Astrospheric will show how many of your favorites are meeting your requirements and highlight in blue the specific favorite locations.

To receive notifications please ensure iOS or Android settings give Astrospheric permission to show Push Notifications. This can be done in your OS settings app, or by selecting "View Notification Settings" on your Profile page in Astrospheric.
Please note that this button will not work if you are running an old version of iOS.